Guest Art


Actual Fan Art

This first one is from the fabulous Prof. Etheric, of the wonderful Autumn Bay fame. (Autumn Bay is being redone as on this post, so check out the Prof’s other work!)

This was the first unsolicited fan art I ever received, and it only took 7 years of drawing the comic! Such a smutty joke, it fits in so well with our little comic!




And then we have one from Spelledeg, who creates Black Gate - It's Never that Simple. Spell has been very supportive of the comic, and is generally a fantastic person.


This one is from Shirokuro, of our favourite psycho, Kara. I love the little details on this one!


Here is a great piece from my good friend ProfEtheric. It is the meeting of Kara, from IE, and Marie-Ange, who once was from Autumn Bay before it was rebooted and she was abandoned (to my displeasure!). Instead, her adventures were moved to Wayfarers of the Beyond.


Here are a couple I got from hykez87, the artist behind the very nerdy (and very awesome) Married to a Transformers Fan. I love it when people seem to 'get' my characters!

And a second one from hykez87 of Married to a Transformers Fan fame. For those who don't get the reference, check out 'I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream'. I am proud to say I got the reference immediately. I am even prouder to say that Phil did not. 





















And another, also by hykez87 (I love him so!). There is Fodd, in a battle-mech! There is NO way this carefully crafted plan could backfire!

And another from the Prof, of Autumn Bay fame! A pic with geeky references and our characters? WE HAVE A WINNER!


And here is something from lirvilas, the creator of a number of comics continuing a truly impressive story. The writing in it is incredible. The lastest in the series is Winners and Losers - check it out NOW, people!



Next is ANOTHER comic from hykez87. I don't know who drunkenly instigated this tomfoolery, but it was Phil. Hykez is the artist behind Married to a Transformers Fan (as if I had to tell you this by now!)


And you know what? I'm gonna need a whole section to Hykez, creator of Married to a Transformers Fan, soon. My first animated fan art! (And he says no, the fruitcake will remain).

Here is one from ranger_brianna_new, who has a webcomic coming, but has previously worked on The Descended. I love Phil's 'meh, what can I do!' body language. Ah, puns, you I love thee...


Here is one from a long-time IE supporter Kelty, the creative force behind Nightlight! I love the Harley Quinn look of Kara here, she looks so happy and deranged... I love it!


Here is a surprise piece by MoonLotus-Hime, creator of Everlasting Garden Fields. Phil looks surprising cool (for such a nerd!), and he is partnered by my bearish alter-ego!


Hykez is at it again! This time with a double serving of awesome with a fanart involving mini-Fodd in a Calvin and Hobbes setting. Wheeee!



Okay, I have no idea if this counts as a 'fan comic' or not. I drew a picture of Lirv's Eric from Winners and Losers in a Mexican standoff with Prof's Mercy from Autumn Bay. This was Lirvilas' response


Next, Trad of... many comics (my personal favourite is Pros Édra) sketched this randomly while doing some Economics. Heh - bad pun.


Hykez97, the mad genius behind Married to a Transformers Fan made this mad TF2 themed picture in partners to this one! THE DETAILS!


This one is from my ultimate nemesis, Lirvilas, the evil creator of Winners and Losers. I drew something for him, and he couldn't bear me being one up on the fanart stakes. So, he drew this:



Next We have a piece by rokulily of the creepily beautiful A Different Place fame. I love the totally deranged, but oddly ecstatically happy expression on Kara here. SO CRAZY.


Hykez97, the person still creating Married to a Transformers Fan, created this. This... is distrubing. It haunts my dreams, and not in a good way.


This one came totally out of the blue from Mothtrap, creator of the oh so creepy Ghost stories. Kara looks so pretty and self assured in this picture!

And here is a totally unexpected picture of Kara by Damatris of the incredibly detailed Fallacy fame. That evil expression, that riding crop, THAT HAIR! truly an incredible peice!


This one is from my nemesis, lirvilas. He really likes his smut, so drew this wonderful picture of Kara with his own lass, Tona, getting... aquainted. Lirvilas is the mad genius behind Winners and Losers.


Here we have a masterful piece of Maxine in her camping gear by AzureXTwilight. You really need to check out Azure's comic, Re:Set to see more use of wonderful colours lik this.


Here we have a picture of Aiko, looking particularly happy and odd (her natural state) by Shirokuro. Shirokuro is the creator of Shiku: The First and Final, and really knows how to capture my characters!


And another from the world's greatest nemesis - lirvilas, the driving force (and all the other forces) behind Winners and Losers. I'm torn about this one...




Themed Exchanges

Here is the first ever artwork for Indifferently Evil not drawn by me! It was draw a little under a year into the comic, and was for an April Fool's exchange. I didn't have to draw anything, as even though I put my name down, the person running it, Marko of the now defunct Roomies webcomic. It is based off of the 'Will it Blend?' series of videos used to sell blenders.

Here is one I got years back, well before finding Comic Fury. It is from Adam Smithee, of The Apple of Discord fame, and parodied the splash page at the time.


This one is from a holloween exchange by Proffessor Etheric of  Autumn Bay. It's ones like this that make me smile, because he has completely captured the characters and the comic's feel.



Some Easter art, this time from Centcomm of the incredible Luna Star. This is a 3D comic of stunning quality! Kara has never looked so... round!


And some more Halloween art, This time by CrystalCircle, who creates Sister Sister, a webcomic about dragons. She also is a co-artist of my silly comic Here There be Dwagons (she draws the good ones).


Here we have a 'Prom Date' exchange, with Phil going on a date with Ryae, who is a 'majestic space elf' from Spelldeg's comic Black Gate - It's Never that Simple. So much love for this! (And Phil looks even shorter than usual!) This was partially in response to a picture I drew of Phil accidentally 'summoning' Ryae.


Also part of the Prom Excange, UndeadLoaf, creator of Loaf and Pals. Here is the titular character of his comic, Loaf, getting chummy with Aiko in wenching gear.

Here is one from GMB13carat, for a quick Christmas exchange (we only had 20-30 mins to draw this!) Fodd looks suitably deranged here, I think! He creates Honestly Confused.


Next we have this fun piece by ShiroKuro who creates the fun comic Shiro and Kuro. This was for a Christmas exchange, and I love the wackiness on this one!


Next is a gorgeous piece by Rinkel, in an Valentine's day crossover piece. This just oozes professionalism, and looks very sweet. Rinkel is the creator of the impossibly gorgeous Xenobiosis.



Art Exchanges

This one was from a webcomic called Webcomic Pete, which seems to have sadly disappeared. It was in exchange for a piece I did for him to help him out. 

Max and Phil, Bert and Ernie. heh.


And here is Kara, done in the stunning style of the distubingly talented Toherrys, who creates the truly stunning comic Unknown Lands. Go read it now. Trust me, it is beautiful, and clever, and you are only glancing over fanart anyways...


Now for Aiko, drawn by Alicia, who creates the Western werewolf comic Silver. It is cute, well drawn and well written. Aiko looks so calm and not at all crazy here!


Here is Aiko drawn by MS3KFan, who creates the funny comic POW! Right in the Nostalgia, a comic about people obsessed with the 80's and 90's pop (and geeky) culture - my decades!


Next is another Aiko, this time drawn by Van Husk I, who creates Random things for Random Beings, a kinda gag-a-day, kinda vague story comic. Don't know of any others of that type around here...


This one was made by Bloomer, who creates the comic WYIHN!. Can you believe Bloomer apologied for this being bad? Madnes!!


Here is another Aiko (aint she popular?!), this time by Jack Hackett, who creates a comic called The Stone of Delta. I love the little octopus on her shoulder!


And here is Fodd, imagined in Dragon style, by the ulimate dragon artist, CrystalCircle, of Sister Sister fame. Amazing!



This one is by Venice Latte, who currently does not draw a webcomic, but needs to REALLY SOON!. I was offering quick sketches of people's characters, and Venice offered a return one. HOW CAN A SKETCH LOOK THAT GOOD!



Gabbygood, the incredible artist who creates the stunning Die Erste Liebe was asking for people to suggest other people's characters to draw, AzureXtwilight of Re:Set fame suggested Aiko, and this mad, goofily grinning lass is the result. Incredible!


And now one for my good friend xianyu118, creator of many works, but my favorite by far is Pros Édra. He was taking requests, and so I threw Santa into the mix, and I must say I'm glad I did! A Santa so sexy she had to be put onto a pillow. I am honestly not sure if she would approve or not...